Executive director and co-founder of the studio.
He has been involved in music and production since he was fifteen years old, and during that time he managed to go through almost all branches of the music business, from composing music and lyrics, shooting video clips, organizing live events, and artistic management.
He was able to build a YouTube channel with more than 250,000 subscribers and has over 60 million views on his account.
In 2018, Youtube declared him the most popular music video creator with almost 10 million views in half a year.
For the past four years, he has been dedicated to building a studio community and to composing itself.
His most popular genres are EDM, Trap, Drill and Bass house.
He is an advocate of combining genres and experimentation.
In addition to music, he also produces and directs music videos and creates visuals for singles and albums.
He will also take care of professional music distribution on streaming platforms.