Vlad sounds like nothing you have heard before. This producer / composer is comfortable with creating 21st century sounding beats. Such as, trap, rap, afro, dancehall, reggaeton, EDM and world sounds. Vlad is responsible for approximately twenty million streams with 10 years experience in music and vocal production. Has 6 years of experience providing top level clients in Netherlands, Amsterdam with audio engineer, co-producer, co-writer, ghost producer services. Additionally finished a three year Bachelor of Arts degree, Media course at the University of Amsterdam, where he explored theoretical, cultural, historical and archeological ways of looking at Music, therefore possess wide scope of creativity ideas.

Vlad can help you develop or find your sound and bring fresh ideas into your creative process or simply be an audio engineer who will record, mix and master your dream song. Due to Vlad’s experience and adapting abilities he has got a chance to work with artists that have 20+ million monthly listeners on Spotify, he developed an ear for a hit record and is now hoping to share his passion for music with Studio Prague clients.